Servo Press Machine with Max 50KN Thrust

Servo Press Machine with Max 50KN Thrust

A servo press machine refers to a press that uses aservo motor for drive control. It includes industrial servo presses such asservo presses for metal forging and refractory materials. Due to the numericalcontrol characteristics of the servo motor, it is sometimes referred to as anumerically controlled press.

The servo press machine drives the eccentric gearthrough a servo motor to realize the slider movement process. Through complexelectrification control, the servo press can arbitrarily program the stroke,speed, pressure of the slider, and even at the low speed, the nominal tonnageof the press can be achieved. 

FDR Servo Press Machine Models and Technical Specification

Servo Press MachineApplication:

Auto parts manufacturing

Electronic industry

Domestic appliance accessories manufacturing

Industrial machinery manufacturing etc.


Long lasting llifetime, reduce the cost of manufacturing

High precision, reduce the error rate

High efficency, reduce the labor cost