FDR High Precision Servo Press Machine--Loading Capacity 5KN

FDR High Precision Servo Press Machine--Loading Capacity 5KN

About Servo Press Machine

Intelligent servo press machine: driven by servo motor, the pressure assembly and pressure displacement monitoring function areimplemented by high-precision ball screw output force. The built-in high precise pressure sensors and encoders accurately measure speed, pressure and position. The professionally developed control software can ensure the precise control of the pressing force, stop position, press-fit speed and holding time in the whole process, and achieve the whole process of digital control management.

Servo press machine Function Application:

A. Control pressing mounting assembly size precisely

1. Servo pressing mounting machine can test the pressure precisely according to the set pressed depth and compensate workpiece size tolerance to make sure the precision.

2. It can also set pressure and displacement quality judgement region at the same time and detect online to ensure the product pressing mounting 100% qualified.

B. Control pressing mounting stop position precisely

1. The guide wheels is assembled between 2 positioning pallets.The pallets need to be mounted precisely during the assembly to ensure the size.

2. Set precise stop position and detect stop pressure.

C. Control pressing mounting time and pressure

1. Servo pressing machine can conduct precise regular time and pressure operation to ensure the safe and reliable bond.

2. It is widely used in the bonding operation and the ultra sonic welding.

D. Control pressing mounting stop force precisely

1. The encapsulation of aluminium casing needs precise force and displacement control.

2. Set the pressure accurately and control the stop position to avoid the motor being damaged by pressure.

Servo Press Machine


Auto parts manufacturing

Electronic industry

Domestic appliance accessories manufacturing

Industrial machinery manufacturing etc.


Long lasting llifetime, reduce the cost of manufacturing

High precision, reduce the error rate

High efficency, reduce the labor cost

Design Drawing of Servo Press with Capacity 5KN.