6 DOF(Degree-of-Freedom) Motion Base platform for flight simulator and driving simulator

6 DOF(Degree-of-Freedom) Motion Base platform for flight simulator and driving simulator


                                                               6dof Motion  Base Simulation Platform

Based on our electric cylinder, we designed and manufactured the 6DOF (6 Degree of Freedom) motion base platforms.

  The six-degree-of-freedom motion platform consists of six electric cylinders, six upper and lower universal hinges and two upper and lower platforms. The lower platform is fixed on the floor or on other specific platform, with thetelescopic movement of six cylinders, the platform simulates variety of motion postures in space. The platform moves in six degrees of freedom (X, Y, Z, α, β, γ) inspace, which can simulate various spatial motion postures, so it’s widely used inlots of domains as the training simulators such as flight simulators, ship movingsimulators, naval helicopter takeoff and landing simulation platforms, tanksimulators, car driving simulators, train driving simulators, seismic simulators, and motion movies, entertainment equipment, etc. It can even be used for the docking of space spacecraft and the refueling docking of aerialtankers. In the processing industry, it can be made into a six-axis linkage machine, a smart robot, and the like. Due to the development of thesix-degree-of-freedom motion platform, it involves mechanical, hydraulic,electrical, control, computer, sensor, space motion mathematical model,real-time signal transmission processing, graphic display, dynamic simulation,etc., and thus a six-degree-of-freedom movement. The development of theplatform has become an iconic symbol of the level in research of hydraulics andcontrol in universities and research institutes.

 Performance of 6DOF Motion Platform


The motion base platform is widely used in training simulators and entertainment activities.

1. Flight simulator

2. Military naval ship simulator

3. Driving and racing simulator

4. Video games

5. Seismic simulator

6. Entertainment equipment, simulating realworld, 4D theaters

7.Industrial automation


High speed, high precision

Stable performance

Water proof, dust proof

Low noise

Energy saving, long service life

Low maintenance cost, environment friendly

OEM parameters Customized platform size.

Product Features:

1. Full digital closed loop servo control, professional multi axis motion control card ensures smooth motion and high fidelity, reduces dynamic drift and distortion.

2. New modular combination and free and flexible system integration to meet the different needs of customers.

3. High precision and high rigidity electric cylinder drive system and platform combination ensure high rigidity and high efficiency of platform system.

4. Multiple mechanical and electrical safety protection ensures absolute safety of the platform system.

5. High response, high speed