Factory Price High Quality Ball Screw Nut and Ball Screw

Factory Price High Quality Ball Screw Nut and Ball Screw

Ball screw is the most commonly used transmission mechanism for tool machinery and precision machinery. Its main function is to convert the rotary motion into linear motion or convert the torque into axial recurrent force, both high precision, reversible and high Efficiency characteristics. Due to its small frictional resistance, the ball screw is widely used in a variety of industrial equipment and precision instruments.

Ball screw by the screw, nut, steel ball, pre-tabletting, reverse device, dust collector composition. Its function is to rotate the movement into a linear motion, which is the further extension and development of the Aikem screw, the development of the important significance is the bearing from the sliding action into a rolling action.


High DN value of the ball screw: high-speed machine tools, high-speed integrated processing center machine

End cap ball screw: fast handling system, general industrial machinery, automated machinery

High-speed ball screw: CNC machinery, precision tooling machine, industrial machinery, electronic machinery, transportation machinery, aerospace industry, other antenna use of the actuator, the valve switch device

Nuts Rotary (R1) Series Ball Screws: Semiconductor Machinery, Industrial Robots, Woodworking Machines, Laser Machining Machines, Conveyors, etc.

Rolling grade ball screw: low friction, smooth operation of the advantages, while the supply quickly and inexpensive