FDR270 Heavy Load Electric Cylinder, Maximum Thrust 200KN

FDR270 Heavy Load Electric Cylinder, Maximum Thrust 200KN

Electric Cylinder Working Principle:

Servoelectric cylinder is a modular product designed by integrating servo motor and ballscrew, which converts the rotary motion of servo motor into linear motion, andat the same time optimizes the advantages of servo motor - precise speedcontrol, precise rotation control and precise torque control is transformedinto precise speed control, precise rotation control and precise thrustcontrol. This is a new revolutionary product for high precision linear motionseries. The best substitute for pneumatic cylinder and hydraulic cylinder

FDR270 Series Electric Cylinder Performance Overview:

Stroke Range: 50mm--1000mm

Thrust Range: 20KN-200KN

Speed Range: 25mm/s--250mm/s

Servo Motor Torque: 45Nm--95.4Nm

Electric Cylinder Application:

Industrial automation: food packing machinery,welding equipment, ceramic producing machine, elevator platform.

Auto part producing: pressing auto parts

Aviation: Flight simulation, VR simulation. Multiple degrees of freedom simulationmachinery, like game platform .

Precision machinery

Test equipment and laboratory research

Dynamic 3D 4D entertainment facilities

Artificial intelligence, robots