FDR95 Series Servo Electric Cylinder, Max Thrust 30000N

FDR95 Series Servo Electric Cylinder, Max Thrust 30000N

FDR95 Series Electric Cylinder Performance Overview

About the servo motor and the planetary reducer

We could offer the matched servo motor and the planetary reducer for the electric cylinder.

The servo motors we could offer are Panasonic, Siemens, Mitsubishi, INVT, Yaskawa, Delta, Syntron, Servode, Xinje, etc.

The planetary reducers we are cooperating with the brand NESTSTART, NEWGEAR, etc.

It's also possible for us to install the customer indicated servo motor brand or planetary reducer on the electric cylinder. Just contact us for the more detailed information.

FDR95 Series Electric Cylinder Mounting Types

Electric cylinder working principle: Servo electric cylinder is a modular product designed by integrating servo motor and ball screw, which converts the rotary motion of servo motor into linear motion,and at the same time optimizes the advantages of servo motor - precise speedcontrol, precise rotation control and precision torque control is transformed into precise speed control, precise rotation control and precise thrust control.This is a new revolutionary product for high precision linear motion series.The best substitute for pneumatic cylinder and hydraulic cylinder.

Electric Cylinder Application:

Dynamic 3D 4D entertainment facilities

Game platform

Multiple degrees of freedom Simulation machinery

Precision machinery



Competitive price

High speed, high precision

Quick response, stable performance

Water proof, dust proof

Low noise

Energy saving, long service life

Low maintenance cost, Environment friendly