FDR High Force Electric Cylinder

  FDR series screw driver cylinder is our newest product. As it’s driven by the high precision servo motor, it works with super high precision. Now it’s widely used in the industrial automation. Our pressing machine manufactured based on the electric cylinder is playing an important role in the car accessories manufacturing.



   Industrial  automation:packaging machinery, food and beverage process automation, welding machinery, ceramic producing machine, elevator platform.    Auto parts producing: pressing auto parts  

  Aviation: Flight simulation, VR simulation

  Artificial intelligence

   The cylinder is possiblely to be customized in different size, with installing different screw ball and servo motors, the stroke length up to 2000mm and the thrust force up to 50000N.

    To satisfy different using condition, we could customize the cylinder with different mounting configuration to the motor. 

  Cylinder mounting options:

  A Foot Mounting

  B Rear Clevis Mounting  

  C Rear Eye Mounting  

  D Rear Plate Mounting And other mounting options you want.