Suzhou Fengda Automation Equipment Technology Co., Ltd, since the establishment of the company, we have been always devoted to the research and production of industrial automation equipment. As of today, our company's main products and projects are as follows:

  FDR electric cylinder,with features of high precision, easy control and free maintenance, now is more and more used in industrial automation production to replace the hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder.

    FDR 6DOF/3DOF motion simulating platform with payload 20t in maximum, repeat accuracy ±0.1mm, is widely used in motion simulating research, such as flight simulating, car driving simulating, earthquake simulating, ship simulaitng, etc..

   FDR servo press machine: with automated high speed working mode, improve the production efficiency in maximum to save the labor cost; with more precise control, improve the product quality.

FDR automatic production line project service, from the design to the machine and then to te installation and debug of software, we offer the full service.


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