3 DOF (Degree of Freedom) Motion Simulation Platform

3 DOF (Degree of Freedom) Motion Simulation Platform


The3 DOF (three-degree-of-freedom) platform is mostly used for simulation experiments. Ithas obvious safety, economy, and operability. As it is not limited by the spaceand meteorological conditions, so it has the advantage of safe, economical,operational and efficient. Inaddition, as it has less drive joints, less freedom, and is easy to control, itis widely used in driving simulation training, flight simulator, space dockingsimulation, shipboard and vehicle motion simulation, and structural forceloading. The platform can form large shocks and sway, simulate the complex roadconditions of the car, the ship's waves and bumps, and earthquake scenes.

Performance Overview of 3 DOF motion simulation platform

Horizontal (X)±3°--±30°≤30°/s≤650℃/s²
Vertical (Y)±3°--±30°≤30°/s≤650℃/s²
Vertical Lift(Z)±10mm--±500mm≤500mm/s≤1.0g

For your information: the parameter above is for our standard product, we could customize the nonstandard product according to the exact requirements of our customers. 

Application :

Dynamic 3D 4D entertainment facilities

Game platform

Multiple degrees of freedom simulation machinery

Precision machinery



Competitive price

High speed, high precision

Quick response, stable performance

Water proof, dust proof

Low noise

Energy saving, long service life

Low maintenance cost, environment friendly