Product Applications

       Industrial Automation

The eletric cylinder is widely applied in industry production machiery like food packaging machinery, food and beverage process machinery, and also in material handling and feed systems including: woodand plastic working, vertical actuators for machine toolloading, textile tensioning/gripping, automotive component transport/feeding

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    Dynamic Entertainments

An electric cylinder is the base of producing the dynamaic seats. The dynamic seat can be controlled by computer to make different special effects according to the specific story of the film, such as falling, shocking, squirting, spraying rain, etc., together with designed smoke, rain, photoelectric, bubbles, odors, etc., create a fully-perceived environment that is consistent with the content of the film. The dynamic cinema and the VR are the new trends.

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           Motion Simulation


The platform moves in six degrees of freedom (X, Y, Z, α, β, γ) in space, which can simulate various spatial motion postures, so it’s widely used in lots of domains as the training simulators such as flight simulators, ship moving simulators,naval helicopter take off and landing simulation platforms, tank simulators, car driving simulators, train driving simulators, seismic simulators, etc. It can even be used for the docking of space craft and the refueling docking of aerial tankers.

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             Artificial Intelligence

The electric cylinder named also single axis robot with other components compose the AI robot. The features of high precision of speed, force and stroke makes it works in the intelligence research. The artificial is applied in more and more domains.

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